I am Claudia and I love to write and draw for myself. But every now and then I have the need to share my ideas with the world. I am 24-years-old and currently live in Deventer (The Netherlands) and working as an accountant. In my small apartment I dedicated a little corner for creating art. I fill my spare time with drawing, painting and journaling. Experimenting with paints and drawing portraits is something I am really passionate about.

Since February 2018 I started sharing my art journal creations on Instagram. Back then I had set myself the goal to fill two pages each week in my new art journal. I enjoyed sharing this process on Instagram and I received such positive feedback about this along the way! Six months later I finished the last page of this journal and I realized something: I love creativity and sharing the process with you. So I started this blog.

On this blog I write about creativity and everything that’s related to it in my own language (dutch). I am writing about life lessons, stories, reviews and especially a lot of creative enthusiasm. Creativity is everywhere and I want to share my passion with the world.

My passion for the arts is growing and growing. In 2019 I opened a shop to sell my art and started working as a freelance artist/illustrator beside my day job.

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